Use Axioms for

Add strong authentication, fine-grained authorization in your apps, devices, and APIs within a matter of hours.

Identity Simplified

Axioms make identity and access management simple, frictionless, secure, and scalable.
Authenticate your end-users using a range of OpenID Connect and OAuth 2 compliant authentication methods.
Authorize your end-users to access protected APIs or micro-service using JWT-based access tokens.
Control access-level of your end-users depending on the assigned roles, profile attributes, and feature flags.

Passwordless is a first-class citizen

A range of passwordless authentication options which work seamlessly with other modes of authentication.
Progressive Auth
Progressive user authentication. Switch seamlessly between passwordless and password login.
Lightning Fast
Lightning fast user registration and login experience. Allow user to login in less than 10 seconds.
Frictionless UX
Add passwordless authentication anywhere in user journey. Perform A/B tests with authentication.
Web Components
Use our web-components to add passwordless authentication in your apps in less than 5 minutes.

Pay as you go

Pricing based on Monthly Active Users (MAU)
  • 2000 MAU/month
  • Free Forever*
  • No Custom Domain
  • No Outgoing Webhooks
  • No Audit Logs
  • Limited Configuration
  • Limited Branding
  • Limited Features
  • Community Support
Starting $20/month
  • Includes 2000 MAU / month
  • 20$ per 2000 MAU / month for additional
  • 1 Custom Domain
  • Outgoing Webhooks
  • 7-days Audit Logs
  • Full Configuration
  • Full Branding
  • All Features
  • Email and Chat Support
SDKs & Starters
A growing list of SDKs and samples to enable frictionless integration of Axioms authentication and authorization in your apps and microservices within a matter of hours.

Learn more about our SDKs and samples