Branding Options

Client Branding

Axioms allow you to customize your client's branding. This is in addition to standard metadata variables described in OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 Dynamic Client Registration specification. In fact client branding options are unique to Axioms platform and offer fine-grained control over look and feel of client-specific pages. At this stage, client branding options are mainly used by authorization consent pages, but we plan to extend client-specific branding to login page and emails.

Branding metadata

In many ways client branding options are exact replica of the tenant branding options. When you create a new client, Axioms will automatically copy current tenant branding settings as client branding default. To understand client branding options, please reference tenant branding options.

Client branding in action
Client branding in action

ID Token Options

Navigate to Clients and find the client you want to configure. Click edit. Under Branding Options panel, edit required settings and click Update Details.