Logout Redirect URIs

Whitelisted URIs

After logout or logout, if your client want to redirect users to a specific URL or web location then you need to whitelist one or more logout redirect URIs in your client's setting.

In client initiated logout, client may optionally include a post_logout_redirect_uri parameter which must match with one of the whitelisted logout redirect URIs on the client's setting.

If post_logout_redirect_uri is not provided, Axioms redirect user to tenant logout redirect URL if configured in tenant's settings.

GET /oauth2/logout?
&state=6f9iwd5ujh238usds-242 HTTP/1.1
Host: auth.test-unlimited.com
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Manage Logout Redirect URIs

Navigate to Clients and find the client you want to configure. Click edit. Under Logout Redirect URIs panel, click Add to register one or more URIs and click Update Details.

Manage Logout Redirect URIs
Manage Logout Redirect URIs