Create Client

Sample Client

When you create a new tenant, Axioms platform will automatically create a sample client with appropriate defaults for a single-page applications.

Navigate to Clients you will see a sample client. Click Edit to view and edit configuration of this sample client.

Sample Client
Sample Client

Create new client

  1. Click Create new client
  2. Provide user-friendly name and description for the client. Client name and client description will be used on consent screen during authorization process.
  3. Select application type (see details on application type in next section)
  4. Enabled or disable first-party support (enabled by default). First party client to skip consent screen during authorization process.
  5. Click Create Client
Sample Client
Sample Client

Application Type

Application TypeCodeClient TypeDescriptionUser Context
Single Page ApplicationspaPublicSingle page applications like Angular, Vue, and ReactYes
Native ApplicationsnativePublicNative apps running on Mobile, Tablet, TV or DesktopYes
Server-side Web ApplicationwebPrivateServer-side web application or worker applicationYes
Service Account ApplicationserviceprivateServer-side worker application, IoT DeviceNo
Device ApplicationdevicepublicIoT Device, Smart TV, Smart Home DeviceYes