You can create an Axioms account without requiring any credit card or payment details. Once registered you have to verify your email address. After email-verification, you can login to the Control Plane to create a new tenant and start managing identities and permissions.

Axioms Regions

RegionAvailableRegistration URLControl Plane URL
EUComing soon1https://axioms.eu.axioms.io/user/registerhttps://control.eu.axioms.io
AUComing soon1https://axioms.au.axioms.io/user/registerhttps://control.au.axioms.io

Key Concepts

There are four key concepts within the Axioms platform that are inline with OAuth 2.0 and OpenID roles.

OAuth2 and OpenID roles

OAuth2 and OpenID roles


In Axioms, a tenant behaves as an authorization and identity server that can issue tokens (id token, access token, refresh token) to the client application after successfully authenticating the resource owner and obtaining their authorization. Additionally, a tenant can manage resources, clients, user roles, crypto keys and much more.


In Axioms, a resource logically represents a set of protected APIs or web-services endpoints or an API Gateway capable of providing certain functionality or data upon request from a client using access tokens provided as part of user authorization.


In Axioms, a user is a resource owner (a person or machine ) capable of granting access to one or more protected resources. A user has to first authenticate and then only then can it authorize access to appropriate resources. A user can be assigned one or more roles. A role consists of a set of permissions.


In Axioms, a client is an application capable of making requests to one or more protected resources on behalf of the user and with its authorization. A client can be first-party or third-party. Axioms support a range of application types including but not limited to native apps, IoT devices, server-side web applications, backend worker applications, single-page applications, service accounts, and more.

  1. Coming online in July 2020. Contact us for more details.