Registration Options

User Registration

Axioms provide a range of options to control hosted user registration process including user verification and what user data get captured during registration.

General Options

Registration OptionDefaultDescription
Registration EnabledYesRegistration can be enabled or disabled. You should disable the registration if you are planning to use API for user registration or use only passwordless login.
Verification RequiredYesUser can login only after completing the email and or mobile number verification
Verification by EmailYesUser email verification
Verification by SMSNoUser mobile number verification via SMS. You must provide your own API keys for Twilio or Amazon SNS SMS Gateway.
Redirect URLBlankURL where the user will be redirected after registration. Although not required, it is highly recommended you provide redirect URL for a better user experience.
Terms & Conditions URLBlankURL where the user can review the terms & conditions applicable to your service
Privacy Policy URLBlankURL where the user can review the privacy policy applicable to your service
Terms & Conditions EnabledNoDisplay terms & conditions link as part of user registration form
Terms & Conditions RequiredNoDoes user need to accept terms & conditions before registration

User Data Options

In addition to compulsory Email field, following fields can be captured as part of user registration process. For each field there are two corresponding options - Enabled and Required i.e. is given field enabled for registration form and if answer is yes then is it required?

Registration FieldDefault - EnabledDefault - Required
Given nameYesYes
Family nameYesYes
Middle nameNoNo
Phone RequiredYesYes
Phone RequiredYesYes
Preferred Username RequiredNoNo

Registration Options

Navigate to Tenant and then find Registration Options panel under Tenant Settings tab. Change registration options and click Update Details.

Manage Registration Options
Manage Registration Options