Invite Management Users

Management Users

You can invite other team members in your organization to manage the tenant settings and data. In Axios Control Plane, browse to Tenant view from the sidebar and then click on Management Users tab.

Manage domains for your tenant
Manage domains for your tenant

Add Management User

Click on Add management user and provide the details to add the user. Once added, user will receive email invite.

Add management user
Add management user

Assign Role to User

Find the user in Management Users list and click on edit. This will open management User Profile popup. Navigate to Roles tab and select required user roles and click Update Details. In following example, we added user:admin role to user Abhi T. For more details on management user roles please see next section.

Assign role to user
Assign role to user

Management User Roles

Following roles are available for management users. One or more roles can be assigned to user. When multiple roles are assigned to user, effective permissions are the union of the assigned roles.

tenant:ownerFull access to given tenant. It can be considered as super-user or super-admin
client:adminCan manage Clients for the tenant including create, read, update, delete
resource:adminCan manage Resources for the tenant including create, read, update, delete. This role can also manage resource permissions and attach or detach resrouce from one or more clients
scope:adminCan manage Permissions for the tenant Resources including create, read, delete permissions. By default, this role is inherited by resource:admin role
role:adminCan manage Roles for the tenant including create, read, update, delete
user:adminCan manage Users for the tenant including create, read, update User Profile. This role can also manager user roles and permissions.
key:adminCan manage Keys for the tenant including create, read, deactivate, rotate keys used for signing and encryption.
subscription:adminCan manage Subscription for the tenant. This role can upgrade or downgrade Subscription plan, add or remote credit card, view invoices.