Pages and Endpoints

Tenant-specific version

By default this page will display generic urls for hosted pages and endpoints. To view tenant-specific version of urls,

  • Either navigate to Tenant section and click the Tenant URLs at the top-right; or go to Tenant then Domains tab and click domain-specific Tenant URLs
  • Append a domain query param at the end of this page URL with value as tenant domain i.e. ?
View tenant-specific urls
View tenant-specific urls

Hosted user pages

Hosted tenant pages for users.

Hosted PageURL
User Registrationhttps://{domain}/user/register
User Loginhttps://{domain}/user/login
User Profilehttps://{domain}/user/settings/profile
User Change Passwordhttps://{domain}user/settings/password/
User Active Sessionshttps://{domain}/user/user/settings/sessions
User Authorized Appshttps://{domain}/user/user/settings/apps
User Password Reset Requesthttps://{domain}/user/password/reset-start

Some of the hosted pages require user authentication so if there is no active login user will be redirected to login page.

OpenID/OAuth Endpoints

OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect endpoints for tenant.

OpenID Connect Discoveryhttps://{domain}/oauth2/.well-known/openid-configuration
JSON Web Key Set (JWKS)https://{domain}/oauth2/.well-known/jwks.json
Token Introspectionhttps://{domain}/oauth2/token/introspect
Token Revocationhttps://{domain}/oauth2/token/revoke
Device User Codehttps://{domain}/oauth2/device/user

Some of the tenant endpoints require client or token authentication, so if authentication fails HTTP status 401 will be raised.