To provide a great developer experience Axioms provides a set of SDKs and Libraries targeted at specific languages and frameworks. In addition, we have open-sourced several starters samples on our Github account. The number of starters will grow in coming months but if you think we should prioritize any particular framework or language please reach us out via email.

SDKs and Libraries

JavaScriptVue, Angular, React, etcClient-side UIsweb-js
JavaScriptExpress, SailsBackend APIsexpress-js
PythonFlaskBackend APIsaxioms-flask-py
PythonDjango Rest Framework (DRF)Backend APIsaxioms-drf-py
GoMicroBackend APIsComing Soon
.NetCoreBackend APIsComign Soon

Starters and Samples

JavaScriptVueClient-side UIssample-vuejs
JavaScriptReactClient-side UIssample-react
JavaScriptAngularClient-side UIssample-angular
PythonDRFBackend APIssample-python-drf
PythonFlaskBackend APIssample-python-flask
JavaScriptExpressBackend APIssample-node-express
JavaScriptSailsBackend APIssample-node-sails
GoMicroBackend APIsComing Soon
.NetCoreBackend APIsComing Soon