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March 16, 2020

What is a tenant?

A Tenant in Axioms is an isolated container for all your identity and access management data and configurations. A Tenant holds all necessary OAuth 2 and OpenID configurations.

Each tenant hosted by Axioms is strongly isolated. This isolation is applied at all levels including database, cache, and application instances. For more information review documentation around architecture and technology stack.

Create a new tenant

Start a new tenant creation using Create new tenant option.

  • For new accounts post-login, you can either use Tenant switcher Create new tenant option or Create new tenant button at the center of the Home screen.
  • Using Tenant switcher, you can create multiple tenants using Create new tenant option and switch between Tenants. Active tenant is highlighted by the green tick.
Create a new tenant

Tenant Name

Tenant name is used at various places. For instance,

  • Various branded pages hosted by Axioms such as Registration, Login, MFA, Recover Password, Reset Password, etc. require a tenant name.
  • Various email and other types of communications sent from Axioms on behalf of your tenant will use tenant name along with other options.

Tenant Domain Slug

An alphanumeric slug which will be used to create your default Axioms tenant domain. Once tenant created, you can map one or more secured (HTTPS) custom domains. Any entered slug will be converted lower-case. Tenant Domain Slug option can not be changed after tenant creation.

Enable Organization

Depending on your use case you can enable organization support. For instance, If your digital platform or product is business-to-business (B2B) focused, you should ideally enable organization. Enable Organization option can not be changed after tenant creation.

Enable Organizations
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