JWT Debugger

May 30, 2020

If you are a developer working with JWT tokens then most likely you use a debugger tool to decode and validate your tokens. JWT.io is probably one of the most popular online JWT debuggers out there. JWT.io is an amazing tool but it can be certainly improved further. For instance, if you are working with sensitive JWT tokens probably you want to avoid pasting them online which is why we created a new cross-platform interactive JWT Debugger App.

JWT Debugger App web version with Progressive web app (PWA) support

With JWT Debugger App, you can use the web version as a progressive web app or install desktop apps for Mac, Window, and Linux i.e. JWT Debugger App can work offline and deal with sensitive information such as private keys or secrets. More importantly, JWT Debugger App supports token validation using both JWKS Endpoint and PEM/Secret Keys. JWT.io and many other JWT tools currently don’t support JWKS Endpoint based token validation. In addition, token sharing mechanism in JWT Debugger App is also enhanced. When you share token via weblink you can also share JWKS Endpoint.

JWT Debugger App Desktop Version

JWT Debugger App itself is open-source released under MIT license. If you find any issues or like to add a feature just open a Github ticket and we will love to help and contribute back to the community.