Financial-grade identity and trust management platform.

Axioms enables organizations to protect their apps, devices, and APIs against unauthorized and untrusted access using our platform.
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Standard-based platform

OpenID Connect
Implement secure and trusted user authentication in your applications and devices using OpenID Connect core and related extensions.
OAuth 2
Secure your APIs and microservices from unauthorized access using tokens issued by OAuth 2 flow as proof of authentication and authorization.
WebAuthn & CTAP
Allows users to authenticate to your services in both mobile and desktop environments by leveraging WebAuthn and CTAP protocols.

Platform features

We built Axioms so you don’t have to compromise or ignore the identity and trust management while ensuring a low total cost of ownership.



Each tenant hosted by Axioms is strongly isolated. This isolation is applied at all levels including database, in-memory cache, and application instances.

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Fully Branded

Brand all hosted pages, emails, messages according to your requirements with ease of a few clicks including logo, colors, fonts, CSS, and custom domain.


Hosted Pages

Allow your end-users to quickly register, authenticate, or manage their preferences using a range of fully customisable hosted pages with built-in protection.

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Strong Security

Multi-tiered data security using end-to-end data encryption in-line with industry best practices. We consider data privacy and security to be core functions of our platform.


Strong authentication

Authenticate your end-users using a range of strong authentication methods including username-password, passwordless, multi-factor, biometric, etc.

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SDKs & Samples

Integrate Axioms with your apps, devices, and APIs within a matter of hours using a growing list of language-specific SDKs and framework-specific samples.

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Access Control

Restrict access to protected APIs and microservices using multi-level access control by utilising permissions, roles, organizations, feature flags.

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User Management

Manage users and their permissions, roles, organizations, feature flags from a single interface which can be easily used by non-technical users.


Outgoing Webhooks

Sync your data with other services or apps in real-time using outgoing webhooks. You can integrate Axioms with 2000+ apps via Zappier.

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Spam Protection

Enable captcha for hosted forms to protect against bots and spam users. Currently Google ReCaptcha v2 and v3 including Recaptcha Enterprise are supported.


Two-factor Authentication

Axioms support the majority of strong and secure 2FA options

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Time-based One-time Password (TOTP) to use with authenticators.

HMAC-based One-time Password (HOTP) to use with authenticators

Time-based One-time Password (TOTP) delivered via Email and SMS

One-time use backup codes saved securely and used occasionally

In-app pushed TOTP or prompt with or without dynamic linking (coming soon).

Fido Universal 2nd factor using U2F devices and keys (coming soon).

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